Ed MartinEd Martin
CFK Board
Chairman & CEO, GoodX

Ed Martin is the CEO and Chairman of GoodXchange.com, a platform that drives profit and growth for business in a way that also funds global poverty, health, education, environmental, and peace initiatives around the world.

Ed is on the board of the Peace Research Endowment, is Senior Advisor to the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation, and partners with Richard Saul Wurman (founder of the TED Conference) on the newest historic initiative, "finding the future first"—the future of health, transportation, communication, and other fundamental areas that will change our world.

Ed is Chair Emeritus to the Association of National Advertisers Research and Measurement Council—an organization whose members spend over $250 billion each year in advertising.

Ed has held key positions in top Fortune 500 organizations including: The Kellogg Company, helping to lead new products innovation; Coca-Cola, running insights for all youth brands; Citigroup, heading the Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research Process, connecting all consumer metrics to in-market financial results; Ford Motor Company as Director of Global Consumer Insights; and head of Mobile Marketing for the Hershey Company.

He also served as the first CMO to ZayconFresh.com, a revolutionary “farm food direct to people” business that provides fresh, healthy food at the lowest price with a focus on total health and wellness in communities—the largest company of its kind in the U.S.

Ed has served as Executive in Residence at Georgetown University. He has been an advisor to the Millennium Project and to the Ambassador from Uganda to the U.S.

Ed has been on many advisory boards and served advisory roles over the years including: The Health Store Foundation, Malaria Foundation, Health People in the South Bronx, Harvard AIDS Prevention Project, Look To The Stars, Chamber of Commerce BCLC, and Co-Chair of the Parade All American Volunteering Initiative at the White House.

Ed was also an Advisor to the State Department and USAID on the Global Diaspora Initiative and on the Executive Board of the Congressional Coalition For Adoption Institute, working with members of the Congress and Senate to shape policy to best fulfill the needs of children around the world.

In addition to the Champions for Kids board, he currently works to drive universal education and to eradicate children's poverty through WorldQuant University and Simple Giving Inc.

He holds a BA from University of Michigan, MBA from Wayne State University, and an Honorary Doctorate from Elizabethtown College for a career spent in business and social enterprise innovation.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.