Jim Van EerdenJim Van Eerden
CFK Board
Founder & Managing Designer, Helixx Partners

Helixx Partners founder, Jim Van Eerden, has always had a passion for combining business and mission, for the intersection between entrepreneurial enterprise and cause. His unique experiences, including start-up roles for Global 2000 and fast-growth early stage companies, has earned Jim a reputation as one of the nation’s leading “blended value” strategists. His partners, colleagues, and staff all share the vision to help global entrepreneurs inspire a better world.™

Helixx protagonists also share a belief in the idea that people matter—and that each person is made with a spiritual equivalent of their natural DNA that gives them gifts to share with the world. A part of his work is the high calling of helping people to know that truth, and to live in light of that reality. He does that in part through his partnership with Tim Krupa and The Center for Missional Entrepreneurship.

Jim and his wife Rachel seek to live this mission in their personal lives, too. As parents of 11 children, they enjoy hosting “entrepreneurial co-conspirators” at their homestead in North Carolina as a part of the Helixx and CME experience.

Jim Van Eerden began his career as a corporate brand strategist, and played consulting roles for Coca-Cola, M&M Mars, and American Airlines as well as for the 1994 World Cup Organizing Committee and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Committee. In 1995, he founded a national consulting firm that specialized in the launch of internet business units inside Global 2000 and fast-growth companies, including Southwest Airlines, GM, USA Today, and Pearson Education.

Since 2001, Jim has been the Managing Director for Helixx Partners, a boutique private equity group, where he has focused on investing in social good companies in the CPG and tech markets. In that role, he has co-founded social impact companies like MISSION Athletecare, Snippet, Serving Ventures, and Sevenly, as well as global non-profits like H2O Africa (now water.org). He has also served as senior counsel for corporate philanthropic projects like Refresh Everything for PepsiCo, and helped start numerous cause-based educational movements like Free Think University.

Jim has been head of the firm’s media investments as well, serving as Executive Producer for several award-winning feature films including the Academy Award-nominated short film MOST, Bobby Jones, The Ultimate Gift, and The Perfect Game and educational documentaries such as the critically-acclaimed films Running the Sahara (which he produced with Matt Damon) and WarChild, all of which carried a philanthropic mission and raised millions of dollars for charity. He was also an executive consultant on Bella, the #1-rated film on Fandango and Yahoo Movies.

Jim has been a guest lecturer on business and social entrepreneurship at forums including The National Press Club and Harvard University, where he spoke on Philanthropy 2.0. In addition to his undergraduate degree from Grove City College, Jim has graduate degrees from Oxford, Trinity, Wake Forest University, and is a candidate for a doctoral degree in global education. He and his wife Rachel live on a small family farm with their 11 children in Stokesdale, North Carolina.