Julianna RooseveltJulianna Roosevelt
CFK Board
Landscape Designer, Roosevelt Design Studio

Julianna Roosevelt is the founder of Roosevelt Design Studio, a collaborative that creates private gardens and public landscapes.

With clients throughout Southern California, Idaho, Colorado, the East Coast, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America and Southern France, Roosevelt Design Studio combines architectural and site specific planning, research and documentation, and installation with the latest in climate appropriate plant choices recognizing the constantly evolving need for diversity.

Transforming our relationship with the environment often includes the incorporation of sculpture and installations with various artists, including Mario Chiodo, Pattie Porter Firestone and Susan Klienberg.

Julianna lectures on the restoration and preservation of historic gardens, the urban edible garden, Robert Irwin and the Art of the Getty Garden and the innately personal nature of our own gardens. She advocates for access to natural spaces and the engagement of the public in site stewardship and climate health. Current work also involves essays with contemporary authors and their gardens.

Julianna views the landscape as essentially healing in nature, and has created scent gardens for the visually impaired, growing gardens for the disabled and seniors, edible gardens for schools, meditation gardens for hospitals and growing nurseries for job training and employment.

Julianna's early career as a child psychologist in private practice and as Founder/CEO of Southern California Educational Center, a non-profit clinic focused on at-risk youth, led her to serve on many advisory boards, including Neighborhood Youth Association, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, Alternative Living for The Aging, the Lyons Center for The Blind and Champions For Kids.

The Roosevelt legacy is an integral part of her life both through public speaking and her commitment to The International Declaration of Human Rights. The connections between the human condition, our quality of life and the nurturing of spirit are an essential component of Julianna's work.

Julianna received degrees from Immaculate Heart College and Boston University in Fine Art, History, Special Education and Psychology.

Weekends, Julianna can be found hiking the canyons of Santa Monica or walking the beach with her border collie, Roo.