Danica Stout
Business Development Project Manager


Danica StoutDanica is the Business Development Project Manager at Champions for Kids. She has extensive experience in project management and event planning. Prior to this position, Danica led an education team of seven as part of the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter—creating an effective electives curriculum and redesigning the workflow of the department. Danica has a strong background in policy and social programs which can be recognized by her Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Mass Communications, and Statistics) and Master of Art’s in Public Policy, as well as her five plus years working with nonprofits and local schools. Danica is excited to work with CFK to build a productive grant program as well as provide a high level of project management as CFK proceeds with new endeavors. Danica is an avid traveler and enjoys visiting new places and becoming familiar with different cultures.