Jacob Martin,
Communications Project Manager



Jacob joined Champions for Kids in April 2014. In his tenure, he has acted as program officer, data systems coordinator, and communications project manager. In any role, he is not opposed to trying on different hats—some of which he wears backwards.

At Arkansas Tech University, Jacob graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts, majoring in journalism with a print focus and an additional major in English as a result of his love for listening, language, and overlong sentences.

He was a very tranquil youngster, always observing and exploring, which naturally developed into an appreciation for anything that led to thinking or re-thinking. His family brought him up with music, and that love never faded. Jacob writes poetry and songs, always making time to play them with his librarian/mechanic wife, Jenny, on the drums.

Jacob is analytical and deeply creative, which leads to useful insights and bizarre dinner conversations. He seeks out opportunities to be surprised or intrigued. He loves trying to understand different types of people—to really grasp the perspectives of others. That need to understand has led him to Champions for Kids where he does his best to bridge gaps between people.