Jacqui Lindsay
Senior Strategy Officer


Jacqui Lindsay advises and guides the Champions for Kids organizational strategy. In her role as CFK’s Senior Strategy Officer, Jacqui helps the board and staff build shared values, vision and community, harness the intelligence of their diverse members to deepen their collective knowledge and continuous learning, and develop the strategic plans, leadership, and partnerships necessary to achieve their goals. Jacqui supports Champions for Kids and its board to produce results—within themselves and the world—by developing the organization’s capacities for ongoing self and environmental assessment, dialogue, systems and strategic thinking, collaborative learning and action, and performance management and change.

For more than two decades she has worked with a wide range of public, private, and nonprofit organizations and their leadership to address a variety of social issues. Ms. Lindsay has served numerous clients including: Rockerfeller Foundation, The Boston Foundation, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, The New York City Board of Education, Boston Public Schools, University of Delaware, Strategies for Children, The Children's Museum, Northeastern University, Boston After School & Beyond, and many more communities committed to social change.