Matt Duckworth
Senior Financial Analyst and Project Manager


Matt Duckworth, a Senior Analyst at CFO Network, serves as Senior Financial Analyst and Project Manager for Champions for Kids. In this capacity, Matthew advises and coordinates major projects from innovation to deployment.

Matthew has served as a key advisor, analyst and CFO for businesses across the US and continues to develop relationships across the country in the startup, nonprofit, and private equity communities. Projects have included turnaround advising for four construction-related businesses, investor-ready financial modeling and strategy for medical-related startups, capital planning for diversified companies, budgeting process introduction, and financial dashboard development.

Prior to joining CFO Network, Matt led Sales and Marketing Development for DanTrantham Consulting, an operations/IT infrastructure consulting group focused on rapidly growing businesses. During this time, Matt led the development of responsive website development; social media PPA lead generation, copywriting, direct mail, book development, event planning, and potential client outreach/cold calling. Matt also worked closely with clients in key projects including scalable time and attendance solutions for distributed oilfield workforces and frac sand logistics.

Matt has worked in Institutional Fixed Income Sales, Financial Trading and Consulting while at BOSC, Inc. providing financial strategy, advice, and trading services to mid-level money managers. There, he gained significant training in sales and marketing, building a mid-6-figure/yr. cash flow book through cold calling strategies. He has created multiple direct mail campaigns and is continually involved in advanced sales/soft skills training.

Matt received his MBA at Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies.