Baker Gives Back

Baker Gives Back

At R.E. Baker Elementary in Bentonville, we did a Christmas SIMPLE Service project inspired by your Henkel Global Leadership Conference in October.  Thanks to the wonderful parents of “Baker Gives Back” we were able to buy the fleece to make Fleece Knot Blankets for a sister school in Springdale where there are lots of kids with needs.  The Baker students tied the knots and the administrators from our adopted school came to pick them up.  The kids were so excited that they could help by making something themselves.  We will be extending our blanket project into January and hope to provide some of the children at the Children’s Shelter with blankets of their own.

Thanks for all the work that you do in promoting these ideas and projects!


PHOTO: These are some of the 3rd graders.  They loved this project so much that they stayed in many days during their recess to complete the blankets!

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