Doing A SIMPLE Service Project Can Be So Simple And So Rewarding

Doing A SIMPLE Service Project Can Be So Simple And So Rewarding

Jennifer of Makobi Scribe was excited to take the Make The Switch Challenge with Jennie-O and Champions For Kids this month and make a healthy food donation to support women and their children in need in her community through the Abuse Counseling and Treatment Center.  To help her family stick with their commitment to give up delivered pizza, Jennifer knew she would have to work some healthy magic in the kitchen with lean Jennie-O.

” I knew that my husband would not deter from ordering pizza if I did not get creative with our meals. In addition to the sausage, I also bout a ton of ground turkey and started to create his favorite take-out recipes using turkey instead of pork and red meat.”

Beyond creating delicious turkey dishes at home for her family and converting her savings to a healthy food donation, Jennifer was inspired to organize her pantry and found even more products to give.  “It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to be able to help another family.”

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Jennifer created healthy meals at home with lean Jennie-O to replace delivered pizza, converting her savings into a healthy food donation.

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