From Chips to a Charitable Donation – Making the Switch

From Chips to a Charitable Donation – Making the Switch

Andrea of Adventures In All Things Food and her family took a trip to the grocery to say Goodbye to chips to take the Make The Switch Challenge with Jennie-O and Champions For Kids.   By giving up a simple, less than healthy snack, she was able to make a SIMPLE yet meaningful difference, creating a healthy meal to donate to an organization dear to her heart.

” We decided to give our beloved salty snacks for greater causes, our health and to use the money saved to make a donation to our local Battered Person’s Advocacy (BPA).  Honestly, I expected much more of a revolt from my kids. They didn’t seem to miss the chips. We snacked on fruit, veggies and fruit juice popsicles instead.”

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Andrea reminds readers, "There is still plenty of time to get involved with this month's #JennieoCFK & Make the Switch!"

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