GE energy smart® Challenge! #GELightingCFK

GE energy smart® Challenge! #GELightingCFK

Our featured project for November is the GE energy smart® Challenge!  Here’s how it works:


Every day, we have a chance to make small differences in our own lives that can have a significant impact on our children’s future and our planet. Did you know that if every household in the US replaced ONE incandescent bulb with a GE energy smart® bulb, we would save….

• $600 MILLION a year in national energy costs

• Enough energy to light 3 MILLION homes

• Prevent greenhouse gases equal to 800 THOUSAND cars

Did you know that by changing your light bulbs in your home, workplace, and school you could save energy, save money and build a brighter future for our children?

Take the GE energy smart® Challenge and Win Money for Schools!

1. Gather your family, classroom, service group, sports team, community organization, friends, and/or co-workers to take the GE energy smart® Challenge. Go to and utilize the interactive energy saving calculator to see how much switching out incandescent light bulbs saves money and the environment! Then tell us how your group can save in your community, and we’ll give you the opportunity to win a $100 Walmart gift card for a school of your choice!

 2. Learn about sustainability opportunities in your community.  Discuss recycling and energy saving ideas.  Seek out cur­riculum and discussion points and share ways in which your group is doing their part to ensure a brighter future at

3. Give: With the money you’ll save by switching to GE energy smart® bulbs, consider sharing your savings with a local school, children’s shelter or food bank.

4. SHARE and WIN! Each day in November, Champions For Kids will randomly select a winner from your submissions at

A $100 Walmart gift card will be awarded to the school/class designated by the winner! 30 winners in 30 days!

In this section, you’ll be seeing stories from people across the country who are doing the GE energy smart® Challenge, and we’d love to feature YOUR story here too! So do the project and report back so that you can join us in Mobilizing Millions of people to become Champions for Kids!

Our Twitter hashtag for the GE energy smart® Challenge is #GELightingCFK – hope to see you online!

Many thanks,

The Champions For Kids Team



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