Kutz 4 Kidz Takes Donations in Albuquerque

Kutz 4 Kidz Takes Donations in Albuquerque

Amber from the Thrifty Ninja helps local kids in need by donating school supply items to Kutz 4 Kidz in Albuquerque, NM. This program helps kids for back-to-school and supplies them with things they need. Through participating in the Champions for Kids Bag It Forward, Amber can donate to this great cause!

“I couldn’t imagine the pain I would feel having to send my kids to school without the proper materials.  It would tear me apart….but supplies are getting expensive!  I have three kids to buy for…..when you think of at least $30 a piece that is almost $100, just on supplies!”


Check out this great post from the Thrifty Ninja HERE!

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