Make The Switch Challenge & Educating Students About Healthy Choices

Make The Switch Challenge & Educating Students About Healthy Choices

Pam of Just Like June was inspired to make a healthy change to her family’s diet by cutting out sweet treats for the Make The Switch Challenge with Jennie-O and Champions For Kids.  “This seemed like a small sacrifice since my husband was diagnosed with prediabetes and high blood pressure last year. We had modified our diet to become healthier but due to time constraints and emergencies we had drifted back into some of our old habits.”

Having spent the year witnessing the un-healthy snacking choices her high school students had made, Pam brought the challenge with her to school.  ” I also challenged the students in my World History class to try healthy snacks instead of their normal fatty foods, using the money they would spend on junk food to help needy children. Using Jennie-O Sun Dried Tomato and Pastrami Turkey meats from the deli,  we prepared turkey wraps to prove healthy food could taste good.”  The students were surprised by just how tasty healthy could be.

Using her savings, Pam and her family also made donations to a school service project and to a vital organization in her community, The Chattanooga Room in the Inn, a residential program for homeless women and children, many of whom have escaped from domestic violence situations and arrive with only the clothing on their backs.

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A skeptical student converted to the great taste and benefits of healthy eating. "Hey! This tastes good!"

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