Make The Switch & Help The Cause

Make The Switch & Help The Cause

Mallery of Mallery’s Deals is a Mom on a mission.  A mission to make healthier choices for her family and to make a difference for children in need in her community.  Giving up less than healthy treats at home for healthier homemade snacks and treats made it easy to save to make a SIMPLE but so meaningful donation.

“Once you get in the habit of donating you will become addicted to the high you get!  I relate it much to going to the gym, once you start you don’t want to stop but sometimes starting is hard.  It gives you the same rush of endorphins and I ride it out until the next month rolls around.  The hardest part for me is choosing which organization to work with because there are so many fabulous ones out there!”

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Making a difference in your community is addictive and rewarding!


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