Making Small Changes and a Big Difference

Making Small Changes and a Big Difference

Jeannette of The Adventures of J-Man & MillerBug and her family were excited to take part in the Make The Switch Challenge with Jennie-O and Champions For Kids.  Targeting soda as an un-healthy item to give up to help children in need was an easy decision.   Jeannette’s family created healthier meals at home with lean Jennie-O turkey and the new meals were well-received by her family.

“When you start making healthy changes, your body starts to feel better.  And it starts to perform better!  And soon, the thought of the sugary sodas and bad foods are not quite as appealing.  And instead you want to eat amazingly healthy meals and take care of yourself!”

Converting their healthy savings into healthy snacks for a local pre-school was a rewarding experience for everyone.   Under budget pressure, the pre-school typically serves the young children what the budget will allow, low cost  and not terribly healthy snacks and meals.

“What we gave up was not a huge sacrifice.  In fact, it was so small in comparison to what it allowed us to give back.  Do we miss the sodas?  Not really to be honest.  But what I could have missed was bringing joy to children and showing them how healthy (and yummy) it can be to eat right.  Of giving them an afternoon of treats that were good for them.  Of showing my boys that no matter how small the gesture is, it can make a huge impact!  And that like ripples in the water, you never know the larger effect that your one little pebble can have!  And since Champions for Kids is equipping millions with little pebbles, the splash we are able to make is going to be epic!”

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Jeannette asks, "How did you make a difference this month?"








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