Our Jennie-O “Make the Switch” Food Pantry Donation

Our Jennie-O “Make the Switch” Food Pantry Donation

Stephanie of Mama Bear’s World used a three step system to make her family’s efforts in the Make The Switch Challenge with Jennie-O and Champions For Kids a success.

Step One:  adding more lean Jennie-O turkey to the family’s favorite dishes.

Step Two:  reducing and eliminating un-healthy items, like soda,  from their diets.

Step Three:  adding more fruits and veggies to her family’s daily diets.

Stephanie and her family have been inspired by their participation in the Make The Switch Challenge to continue to help out in their community.  “We visited our local food pantry in Phoenixville to drop off our donation.  They were in the process of organizing their shelves for upcoming donation recipients but those shelves were looking rather bare. The look of gratitude when my husband and I dropped off our heavy box of food was so satisfying. They were so thankful to have us donate, and we were so happy to help local families. We’re going to try to do donate a few times a year and help some more people in the process. I’m going to keep my eye out for non-perishable products that are buy one get one free and create a stash for our next donation!”

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Protein-packed Jennie-O turkey burgers help Stephanie's family with their goal for healthier eating and giving in their community.

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