Spinbrush Goes Above and Beyond!

Spinbrush Goes Above and Beyond!

Chris from Spinbrush knows that sometimes people just need a chance to succeed.  This is the incredible story of how he decided to “Spin Into Action” and help a family in need.

Sebrena is a single mother and is trying to make a new start in life.  She has worked hard to finish her GED online and is working equally hard to find employment to support herself and her 5 month old child.  Chris found out about Sebrena’s situation though a business colleague and through her church.

Sebrena was limited to what she could find for employment due to her limitation with no transportation.  She had to walk to work and could only find job opportunities that were within walking distance.  In addition, her ability to find daycare for her baby was also limited as she did not have a way to get her child to a provider.

After meeting her and recognizing how hard she was trying to make a difference in her (and her child’s) life, Chris and his wife felt called to help.  They provided Sebrena with a car of her own so that she will have independence and opportunities for her and her child’s new life!

You have the opportunity to “Spin Into Action” as well!  Tell us how you’re helping children in your community by clicking here and sharing your story!


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