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When it Comes to Hunger the Numbers are Staggering #AbbottCFK

January 31st, 2012
Lisa from My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings donated her snack pack to a local Catholic charity that helps families in need. In the past couple of years as the economy has plummeted, the number of those in need in her area has tripled.  Read Lisa’s post here.

Touching Lives Through Abbott Nutrition’s Pack A Snack

January 31st, 2012
Rebecca from Creative Compass is on a personal mission to eliminate childhood hunger.  She donated her snack pack to a woman’s ministry in her home state of Florida, which is partnering with a program that feeds children in need.  Rebecca is grateful to be able to participate in the Champions for Kids simple service campaign for both the reminder of how blessed she and her family are and the opportunity to help others.  Read her story here.
Abbott Champions for Kids Campaign #AbbottCFK

Sharing the Champions For Kids Mission with Other Walmart Shoppers

January 31st, 2012
When Sarah at East 9th Street learned about childhood hunger in her area, she became angry that she hadn’t helped sooner and upset with the amount of food in her own home that goes to waste. She went to Walmart and ended up having a conversation with a woman who was purchasing food for a local food bank. Sarah decided to donate her snack pack items to that very food bank, after telling the woman all about her mission for Champions for Kids.  Read Sarah’s story here.
Abbott Champions for Kids Campaign

Reaching Out and Giving Back in a Small Community

January 31st, 2012
Glenda from Busy at Home lives in a small community where everyone knows one another, so she was shocked to learn that one in six children are food insecure.  Fortunately, in a community like Glenda’s, people tend to rally around one another.  She took her generous donation to the local food pantry.  It was important to her that the items were both nutritious and kid-friendly.  After all, Glenda knows from experience how difficult it is to have to ask for help. Read her post here.

A Young Girl Wants to do More to Fight Child Hunger

January 31st, 2012
Jennifer from Double Duty Mommy took her seven year old daughter with her on her shopping trip to Walmart.  Her daughter has already asked what they can do to help a child in need again and Jennifer is appreciative that this mission has inspired such a young child to want to help others.  Her daughter even suggested it for a class project at school.  Read Jennifer’s story here.

Donating Lots of Snack Packs for Children at Daycare

January 31st, 2012
Angela at A Busy Mom of Two decided to take her snack packs to the daycare. She took great care in shopping for items that were healthy and kid-friendly.  From the items she purchased at Walmart, Angela made not one, not two, but 16 brightly colored snack packs for the kids at the daycare. Read Angela’s post here.

PediaSure Provides the Proper Nutrition for a Blogger’s Sick Niece

January 31st, 2012
For Virginia, aka That Bald Chick, this was a very personal mission. She chose to give her snack pack to her niece, who is a child in need and has severe health issues.  Virginia’s sister is both a volunteer and a patron at their local food pantry.  With her niece’s health issues, PediaSure is extremely important to her caloric intake and she often relies on it to provide her nutrition.  Who better to give her snack pack to than her very own niece? Read the post in it’s’ entirety here.

A Pastor Wants to Get Her Church Involved with Champions For Kids

January 31st, 2012
Elizabeth from My This N That Life figured out just how many children in her county are currently on food stamps. She is saddened to think that so many children in her community are in need of healthy foods. She took her own children with her on her shopping trip.  Then they donated the snack packs to her local church, where her pastor even added simple service projects to her curriculum.  Read Elizabeth’s story here.

Not Enough Snack Packs to Feed All of Those in Need

January 31st, 2012
Tammy at Autism Learning Felt shopped with her husband for their snack pack. Tammy’s daughter took the family’s snack packs to the Salvation Army, because there were more kids in attendance than there were snack packs. They held a raffle to determine who would received the healthy goodies. The raffle winners were super excited to take home their snack packs! Read Tammy’s story here.

Donating A Lot Only Takes A Little #AbbottCFK

January 30th, 2012
Carmen, aka Closer to Lucy, donated her snack pack to a volunteer-run program that has a direct impact on the greater good in her community.  When she went shopping for her snack pack items, Carmen was amazed at how quickly her cart was full without spending that much money.  Upon dropping off her donation, she learned that the ministry program has a great thrift store.  Carmen may just be making more visits for both dropoffs and some shopping of her own! Read her post here.