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Champion for Kids; Pack a Sack PLUS Tons of coupons

April 29th, 2013



“Oh my goodness! We have had so much fun collecting coupons and healthy options for The Welcome House Shelter. We were on a mission to get friends and family on board for helping us collect great healthy options for the kids at the shelter for this summer and ran across some AWESOME coupons for PediaSure Sidekicks.  These are such a wonderful option for families who are struggling to get their child(ren) to consume the recommended daily allowance of protein.” Click here to continue reading Rachel’s story!

Small Act, Big Impact: Champions for Kids Pack a Sack

April 29th, 2013

Champions for Kids #MobilizingMillions Sacks


Stephanie is a former school counselor and has talked a lot about service learning to her students as well as led many service learning projects. “There is no better lesson than through service to one’s community,” she said. So, taking part in this project, to help spread the word was really exciting for her. Click here to read more on her story!

Pack a Sack & Keep Kids from Going Hungry This Summer

April 29th, 2013



“When school isn’t in sessions, food pantries especially need to to provide an extra important supply of food to families who aren’t getting this extra support from their schools. While your own family might not have a ton, even small donations can help and a program called Champions for Kids is asking individuals and groups to gather family and friends to “Pack a Sack” and bring non-perishable food items to your local food pantries to help kids to have a happier and healthier summer.” Click here to continue reading Kim’s story.

Champion for Kids – Pack a Sack #MobilizingMillions

April 29th, 2013



Thuy was very excited to be part of the Champions for Kids Pack a Sack campaign. As a mom, this cause is very dear to her heart and she found this program to be very simple and easy! She donated to Broken Arrow Neighbors. Click here to read more on her story!

Helping Orphans as we “Pack a Sack” #mobilizingmillions #cbias

April 26th, 2013



“Summer time is drawing near and, for our family, means long, lazy days filled with fun outdoor activities, friends and plenty of food. When I was teaching elementary school the only thing I dreaded about summer vacation was the fear some of my students might go hungry. Many of my lower income students depended on our local food banks to supply them with nutritious food during the summer months, causing a strain on sources already depleted by the recession. As a mom and an educator I wanted to help however I could.” Click here to continue reading Pam’s story.

Anyone can do a Simple Service Project! #MobilizingMillions

April 26th, 2013



Kristen offers one tip to her readers: “to remember that even the babies in your community are not immune to hunger. Consider picking up a can of formula, baby food or something like PediaSure to help ensure the youngest members in your community are taken care of.” Click here to see how she impacted her community and helped in Pack a Sack!

Champions For Kids Pack A Sack Project #MobilizingMillions

April 26th, 2013



Heather collected donations from friends and family over the last several days. She gathered the rest recently – this was the perfect opportunity to make use of all of the doubles in her pantry. Click here to read more about her donations!

Ayuda con tus donaciones a la campaña Champions for Kids’ RazorFest Pack a Sack #cbias #MobilizingMillions

April 26th, 2013



Lilian says, “invite your friends, family, co-workers to help you with donations.” Find out here how she encouraged her friends and family to donate and how you can too!

Letting Our Light Shine by Donating w/ Champions for Kids #MobilizingMillions #cbias

April 26th, 2013



Ashley really wants her daughter to learn to be a giver. She hopes to show her example after example of how her family gives to others and is grateful for all they have. Click here to read about her contribution to Pack a Sack!

Champion For Kids Pack A Sack Project #CBias

April 26th, 2013



Growing up in Trinidad, Nickida’s family lived without running water and indoor plumbing, but her father worked and had a huge garden to provide for them all. Click here to read her unique story!