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Snack Packs that Accommodate Children of All Ages

February 3rd, 2012
Lisa from Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy knows that one person can make a difference and that’s why she urges her readers to get help. Lisa donated her snack pack to a local church with a food pantry.  Now is a critical time, with the need for donations on the rise.  Lisa loaded up her cart with PediaSure since it is ideal for children of all ages and packed with calories and nutrients.  Read Lisa’s post here.

Lessons on Giving to others #AbbottCFK

February 3rd, 2012
Laura at Better in Bulk started her post with a call to action, asking that others join her in helping children in need.  She took her children with her to shop for their snack pack, hoping to teach them about the beauty of giving to others.  While shopping at Walmart, they met a woman who helped them; teaching them  that very lesson.  Read her story here.
Our Abbott Snack Pack

A Shelter is Thankful for a Blogger’s Snack Pack

January 31st, 2012
Rita at Megryan’s Mom donated her snack pack to a local homeless shelter.  When she dropped off the items, she got a tour of the facility.  It hits home when you see where the families sleep while at the shelter.  Rita’s donation was very much appreciated by the case worker at the shelter.  Read her story here.

Food Helps Children Concentrate at School

January 31st, 2012
Heather from Our Kids’ Mom is a former third grade teacher working in an underprivileged area. During her years she knew many children that came to school on an empty stomach. Heather knows that food provides children energy and also helps them concentrate in the classroom. She gave her snack pack to a local teacher because she wanted to help kids get healthy foods and a good education.  Read Heather’s post here.
2012-01-27 16.55.22

Donating Healthy and Practical Snack Packs

January 31st, 2012
Chelsea from Someday I’ll Learn shopped for her snack pack in the same way she shops for the snack pack she keeps on hand at home.  It must be healthy and easy to grab and go.  She donated her snack pack to a women’s shelter.  Read her story here.
snack kit

Giving to All Kinds of People in Need

January 31st, 2012
Diane at Philzendia got her coupons ready before she headed out to shop for her snack pack.  She donated her snack pack to an organization that responds with compassion to the needs of the poor, the elderly, the homeless and those who “fall between the cracks” of public assistance. The volunteers were thankful for her donation and she felt great about donating healthy snacks to help others.  Read Diane’s post here.
The Snacks I purchased for the snack pack

When it Comes to Hunger the Numbers are Staggering #AbbottCFK

January 31st, 2012
Lisa from My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings donated her snack pack to a local Catholic charity that helps families in need. In the past couple of years as the economy has plummeted, the number of those in need in her area has tripled.  Read Lisa’s post here.

Touching Lives Through Abbott Nutrition’s Pack A Snack

January 31st, 2012
Rebecca from Creative Compass is on a personal mission to eliminate childhood hunger.  She donated her snack pack to a woman’s ministry in her home state of Florida, which is partnering with a program that feeds children in need.  Rebecca is grateful to be able to participate in the Champions for Kids simple service campaign for both the reminder of how blessed she and her family are and the opportunity to help others.  Read her story here.
Abbott Champions for Kids Campaign #AbbottCFK

Sharing the Champions For Kids Mission with Other Walmart Shoppers

January 31st, 2012
When Sarah at East 9th Street learned about childhood hunger in her area, she became angry that she hadn’t helped sooner and upset with the amount of food in her own home that goes to waste. She went to Walmart and ended up having a conversation with a woman who was purchasing food for a local food bank. Sarah decided to donate her snack pack items to that very food bank, after telling the woman all about her mission for Champions for Kids.  Read Sarah’s story here.
Abbott Champions for Kids Campaign

Reaching Out and Giving Back in a Small Community

January 31st, 2012
Glenda from Busy at Home lives in a small community where everyone knows one another, so she was shocked to learn that one in six children are food insecure.  Fortunately, in a community like Glenda’s, people tend to rally around one another.  She took her generous donation to the local food pantry.  It was important to her that the items were both nutritious and kid-friendly.  After all, Glenda knows from experience how difficult it is to have to ask for help. Read her post here.