60 high school students made the switch!

60 high school students made the switch!

At the Champions for Kids annual day of service learning “GREAT Day at the Farm”, high school youth and corporate teams gathered at Horton Farms in Northwest Arkansas to make videos about their SIMPLE Service ideas to improve the lives of children in their communities.

During lunch at the farm, the students had the opportunity to eat some delicious Jennie-O turkey tacos and to “Make The Switch” to a more active lifestyle by running an obstacle course before they ate their meal.

Jennie-O lunch being served

The reviews were great all around!  And now it’s your turn to Make The Switch™ by hosting a Jennie-O Make The Switch™ Challenge in your community, school, or workplace.  Here is how in 3 easy steps!

LEARN about the nutritional needs of children in your community by inviting a school nutritionist or a pediatric dietician to talk with a local organization you participate in, or with your family, friends and co-workers.

GATHER your family, friends, and co-workers to Make the Switch™ by giving up something you don’t need for one day and pooling the Make the Switch™ savings.  Have a friendly contest to see who can save or contribute the most!

GIVE the Make the Switch™ savings as a gift card to a school nutritionist, teacher or social worker to help provide nutritious food for children in your community.

Jennie-O high five

Fill out your brief report HERE so that we know how many people were involved and how many children you helped!  Post your stories and photos at http://www.SwitchToTurkey.com so that we can celebrate your participation! It’s that easy.


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