Watch the great results from the CFK Disney Stocking Stuffer Celebration!

Watch the great results from the CFK Disney Stocking Stuffer Celebration!

Dear Champions Family!

Deeply moving stories are arriving daily from people who participated in the Disney Stocking Stuffer Celebration. This video briefly shares a few of those stories.

  • One woman involved more than 1,000 people to inspire the dreams of over 2,000 youth and families.
  • Late one evening, we received a post from Afghanistan from a service man whose child received a Disney stocking. “As a deployed soldier in Afghanistan unable to be with my family for Christmas, this warms my heart to know that people are willing to take time out of their busy schedule and put together something special for my son. For just a moment in time I was able to take my mind off the dangers and weight of being in a combat zone and smile at my son’s elation at the stocking you provided. You have made an impact that spans the globe.”
  • It mattered to a young boy at Elmdale Elementary School in Springdale, Arkansas. Upon receiving his Disney gifts and food, this third grader beamed with joy and said, “This is the best Christmas I have ever had!”
  • It mattered to a teenage boy who said, “I have never had Christmas. Our family hasn’t been able to afford it. This is the happiest Christmas ever.”
  • We have read blog posts and facebook posts from communities across America. We look forward to capturing the stories and sharing their impact with you in the next few weeks.

People care about children. We are confident if they have a SIMPLE idea that they can do in their communities to help children where they live, people will find a way to help. My grandmother often said, “Everyone can do something to help others!” Through SIMPLE Service, we are finding this adage to be filled with truth.

If you did the Disney Stocking Stuffer Celebration, please send us your REPORT by New Year’s Eve. Whether you helped one child or many, your report is important to us. Your reports inspire others to join you. Each act of kindness matters to our children. Enjoy this video of CHAMPIONS who took part in the Disney Stocking Stuffer Celebration.

Each month, we will bring to you SIMPLE Service Ideas to improve the lives of children in your communities! We invite you to pick two SIMPLE Service Ideas this year, and do them. Each of us can do something. Arriving to you this January is the Abbott Nutrition Pack a Snack. When you are at the store, why not purchase some nutritious snacks and bring them to a school in your community?

We wish you a joyous and Happy New Year!

Adelaide and Your Champions for Kids Family

PS…If you have not already, please remember to

Submit your Stocking Stuffer REPORT here.

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