Global Leadership Fellows Program


Marty Burlsworth, Chairman and CEO, The Burlsworth Foundation
2010/11 Global Leadership Fellow

The Global Leadership Fellows Program is an intensive, one-year program designed to assist leaders to take a proven local idea to the next level of impact.

Coordinated and directed in close collaboration with our Signature Partners, Consultancy Verite Limited (CVL) and SME-IQ, international strategy firms in London, David McWhir and Ketan Patel work closely with both Champions for Kids and our partner organizations to address many of the key strategic issues facing nonprofits today. McWhir, Patel and their senior leaders provide pro-bono CEO-level consulting, training and many advisory services to Champions for Kids and our portfolio partners.

McWhir, Patel and their consulting teams provide design, facilitation and content for the annual Henkel Global Leadership Conference as well as the Global Leadership Fellows Program. These London based firms foster organizational growth and innovation and find new ways for organizations to work together to achieve things they cannot do alone.

During the one-year fellowship, Global Leadership Fellows will develop the skills, connections and insights they need to lead innovative change. They will participate in a dynamic learning community comprised of innovative nonprofit, academic, corporate and government leaders engaged and committed to working for transformative impact for children. The Global Leadership Fellows experience will be anchored in dynamic forums that engage participants in unique learning experiences and conversations with corporate, nonprofit and government leaders. Champions for Kids selects leaders who have strong leadership track records, innovative ideas that can lead to meaningful impact, are surrounded with strong leadership support and are well-positioned for growth.

The Global Leadership Fellows Training Team consists of skilled and specialized consultants with extensive for-profit and nonprofit experience in the United States and abroad who have successful careers in both sectors. Champions for Kids directs the Fellows Program with support advisors in Boston, New York and London. Signature Partners: Consultancy Verite Limited and SME-IQ, London.

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"I know the gang situation all too well. I once participated in gang activity myself. Years ago, I made a faith commitment to change my life and to change the lives of the kids involved in senseless crime. I now do my best to steer young lives in a different direction - where teens become part of the healing fabric of their community rather than end up as another headline."
Talia Rivera, Village Without Walls Executive Director Champions for Kids, GLI Fellow

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