10 Unique Fundraiser Ideas to Save Your Music Program

10 Unique Fundraiser Ideas to Save Your Music Program

Has your school had to cut their music program? Are you tired of doing the same fundraisers every year? Here are 10 unique fundraising ideas to save your music program by getting kids and the community involved.

10 unique fundraising ideas for your music program


10 Unique Fundraisers

  • Kids’ Art Auction – Set up the school gym as an art gallery and have sections with different types of art to be bid on. Kids can practice what they have learned and feel a sense of accomplishment when their art is displayed.
  • Parents’ Night Out – Parents pay for 2 hours of sitter service. Teachers and high school students volunteer their services to have a kids’ game night while parents get a break.
  • Costume Party – Businesses in the community sponsor booths. People pay an entrance fee or buy tickets for activities to cash in on crafts, activities, and food inside, all while wearing a family-friendly costume. Hold a costume judging contest with the winner announced at the end.
  • Clean it up – Kids do age-appropriate jobs for people or for a community space in exchange for a donation to the music program.
  • Host a concert – Sell tickets to a concert with area talent or hold a concert put on by kids in your school.
  • Hold a school-wide community rummage sale with proceeds donated to the music program.
  • Have some great local history? Hold a local history tour. Host a fancy dinner at the end with local food and drinks donated by area restaurants.
  • Cupcake/Baking contest – Local bakeries make cupcakes or other baked goods in several categories. The community can pay a fee to come in to taste and judge them. Have a cash bar. Make sure you sell glasses of milk!
  • Wine, cheese, and chocolate pairing – Why stay with the traditional cheese and wine? Dress up fancy for the evening and hold an elegant wine, cheese, and chocolate pairing event. Enlist businesses and restaurants for donations or services.
  • Hold a dance-a-thon – Participants pay a small entrance fee and people donate a certain amount of money for each hour the participants dance. Have local businesses sponsor a prize for the winners.

Have fun with these unique fundraising ideas for your music program. Make a conscious effort to involve your kids and community in whatever fundraisers you do, so every one can share in the feeling of accomplishment your successful fundraiser brings.

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