3 Reasons why Volunteering May Make a Healthier You

3 Reasons why Volunteering May Make a Healthier You

It is February and I know for some of us those New Year resolutions are struggling to stay relevant in our world.  Even though the year is a month old we wanted to still wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at Champions for Kids; 2014 is going to be a great year! I hope this post encourages you and your family to get out there and pay it forward, because I truly believe that volunteering can make you a healthier person.  Here are 3 reasons why:




  • Reduces stress: Did you know volunteering can reduce stress?  Allowing yourself to focus on the needs of others can not only help put things in perspective but may also help your immune system, as sometimes stress and tension can be harmful to the body.  Volunteer today and find some peace in knowing you are doing your body good by volunteering and serving others.  



  • Makes you happy:  Finding the best and most fun way to give your time and talents can enhance your moods. Volunteering can also bring an optimistic outlook on life that the glass is half full and not half empty, and that even if you are struggling you are not alone. Volunteering can also help you realize how important you are, which may increase your sense of self-worth.  Mental health is important to overall healthiness



  • Find a Friend:  Volunteering brings people from all walks of life together for one common goal, and it could introduce you to people you would not normally encounter   Volunteering builds camaraderie and teamwork. It helps foster empathy and self-efficacy.  Developing important relationships and realizing that there are others in your life that need you may encourage you to receive regular  doctor check-ups and take better care of yourself daily. 




Your community needs you at your best, and sometimes social good is just what the doctor should order.  Be healthy in 2014.  Looking for ways to help those around you? Join in on a SIMPLE Service Project and help kids in your neighborhood today.  Who knows? It could just make you a little healthier over the next year.  



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