3 ways to make Volunteering a Family Affair

3 ways to make Volunteering a Family Affair

When it comes to my own family I always feel like we share something special when we are serving others together. It brings us closer together and creates beautiful memories while teaching our kids the beautiful gift of giving.
Champions for Kids has some fantastic ideas on ways you can give back in your community. Here are 3 unique ways we get the kiddos involved in volunteering.


1. Involve the Village

Pick a SIMPLE Service Project. From socks to school supplies there is a whole selection of items that kids need. Put your kids on a mission to make flyers for a item drive. Use glitter and colored markers and have a night making fancy invitations to get ask your neighbors to help you collect items. Set up a drop-off location or a time for pick-up. Grab a wagon and visit your neighbors to collect items that kids in your area need. Have older kids use the telephone to remind them there will be a pick-up today! Smile and say hello as you make your way around the neighborhood, together! Spend some extra time with the elderly. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

2. Make a Family Fund Jar

We all love finding money but what would happen if we all brought together our change and collected money to buy items to donate? This is always a win/win in my house. The car and couch get cleaned and the money gets collected. All family members can put loose change in the jar. Don’t forget to tell Grandma and Grandpa what you are up to. This is a great way to show kids that if we all just contribute a little, when we can, it can add up to a lot.

3. Encourage your Kids to Dream

Do your kids want to own a restaurant one day? What about a store? Are they great at making bracelets or headbands? This is a great way you can teach your kids math, encourage business entrepreneur skills, and philanthropy if a certain percentage of the profits is set aside to help kids in your community thrive.

My two oldest children always enjoy getting involved. They regularly think up creative ways to lend a helping hand and think it is fun that I do too. I encourage your family to be a Champions for Kids family too!

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