6 Creative Ways to make Brushing Teeth Fun

6 Creative Ways to make Brushing Teeth Fun

Teeth are an important part of our lives. Imagine what you would do with no teeth. Some of us don’t like to brush our teeth. Some days it feels like just one more thing to do, but I know how important it is to care for my teeth so I do it anyway. Kids especially don’t always see the point to brushing their teeth. After all, they are JUST teeth. But they aren’t. Unhealthy teeth can make us sick and also make eating a difficult thing. I don’t know about your kids, but mine sure love to eat. It’s important for kids to develop healthy teeth habits while they are young. The easiest way is to make teeth time fun time. You might ask “But how? It’s teeth!” We are here to share 6 creative ways to help kids brush their teeth.


The first thing to do is to teach them the importance of their teeth. One way to do this is to have them pretend they have no teeth. Let them list all the things that would be hard to eat without teeth. Chat about it during dinner and point out all the ways our teeth help us. Teach them that we build good teeth hygiene habits now because even if we get to “lose” our baby teeth, the next set is our very last. We need to treat every single tooth like a little treasure.


  • “Time to Brush Teeth Party” – Have a party where everyone brushes their teeth together in the evening. The family that brushes together, stays together. (They also smile together!)
  • Give kids an option to pick their toothbrush each night. Let them have some of the control over the task. Give your kid 4 toothbrushes and let them choose which to use that night.
  • Fun toothbrushes – Have you seen all the cool things toothbrushes can do? Next time let them choose their own toothbrush at the store. With musical toothbrushes, cartoon characters, and toothbrushes that let you know when time is up, there are plenty to choose from to make that boring morning and bedtime routine time something to look forward to.
  • Toothbrush Dance – Make up a special toothbrush dance for brushing kids’ teeth, or look up the toothbrush dance on the internet.
  • Have a special 2 minute song that you play every night while you brush teeth. Time’s up when the song is over.
  • Buy kid friendly toothpaste in a flavor kids will enjoy.

Pull out those toothbrushes and have a brushing party with these 6 creative ways to help your kid brush their teeth.

How do you get your kids excited about brushing their teeth?

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