Back to School Cleaning?

Back to School Cleaning?

Seems like everywhere you look these days everything has a common theme: Back to School! There is Back to School clothes shopping, Back to School supplies and Back to School orientation. I figured I would challenge you to one more Back to School thing, Back to School cleaning! Yes, cleaning and by cleaning I mean the closets.


Last year, I realized that as I was buying new school clothes others were in need.  It stuck me as my children’s closets and drawers were overflowing some children had none.  Cleaning out the dressers and closets is one of those things that I continually put off.  My kids dread it because I constantly am having them “try on this and see if it is to small!”  In the end it is so worth it.  Families are in need right now and having a clean and organized room starts us off on the right foot for the school year.  The trick is getting them to a destination quickly so others can clean fill their drawers before the first day of school.


So, we challenge you to……

  • 1. Grab your family. (Nothing brings a family together like giving)
  • 2. Send everyone to their rooms with a mission to return with clothes that no longer fit or will not be worn this school year.
  • 3. Take all clothes in good condition to a local thrift store or donation bin.

This is a truly simple way to be of service to your community. Be a CHAMPION!

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