Crochet a Hat for Someone in Need

Crochet a Hat for Someone in Need

I had asked any of my friends if they would share their gift of crocheting and how they use it for good. I was delighted that Sarah Pinnix stepped up and shared how she uses her gifts to put a smile on the face’s of children in her community. She even included directions with a pattern made for this exact hat. Thanks Sarah for being a Champion in your community.

Whenever I hear of someone in need of a little extra attention, I immediately start to think of ways I can bless him or her. Can I cook her a meal? Can I babysit her kids? Or will a simple phone call show that I care.


One of the ways I show people that I care is to use my crochet skills to make something unique. I can give something special, and no one else will have the exact same item.

One of my favorite items to make is this flowered cloche crochet hat (directions for pattern at this link) for an 18-inch doll. This hat fits American Girl dolls, as well as any other similar brand. Do you know a child in need, or one that could use a little extra comfort? Why not make this little hat and pick up an inexpensive 18-inch doll to show them you care?

This shell stitch beanie is my favorite hat to make for newborn babies. You could reach out to your local hospital or homeless shelter to see if a new mom could use something like this, especially as fall and winter approach.

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