Get to Know a Champion: Cathy Cooper

Get to Know a Champion: Cathy Cooper

I work with an amazing team at CHAMPIONS for Kids. I am always excited to get on a conference call or check my email list. Each and everyone of them inspires me in their own kind of way. One of my goals with this blog was to really show all of the other amazing CHAMPIONS for Kids and volunteers out there a piece of the heart of Champions for Kids “behind the scenes”. It is so important that you know who we are and that we love what we do. Like any team, we each play an important role. I was so happy to ask Cathy a couple of questions. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I do.

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  • 1. What was has been your favorite moment with Champions for Kids so far when you knew you were making a difference?

I really enjoyed the Disney Stocking Stuffer with George Elementary.  It was great the way Beverly Loomis connected the teachers, parents, volunteers and a church congregation to come together to participate in this service.  She asked everyone to contribute in different ways; the church congregation made stockings, the parents of the students bought food to serve to the many workers, they conducted several different drives for food, toys, coats, etc., and a meal with all of the people involved was shared.  It was a great experience of giving back.

  • 2.  What is your favorite SIMPLE Service Project and how/why did it resonate with you personally?

I would have to stick with the Stocking Stuffer.  Being raised by a single parent, I know how it feels when you see your classmates that come from a home with two parents return to school after the holiday break and talk about all the new things (clothes, shoes, games, etc.) that they received for Christmas and feeling slightly embarrassed for not being able to do the same.  My mother and other family members provided well for us kids, but there are a lot of parents out there today that don’t have the support of family and truly need help.  It really bothers me when I think that a child goes without, because I would like to think that everyone is loved and cared for as I was with my family.

  • 3.  What is your favorite part of your job?

Giving back and helping others.  I love when we are able to do a Simple Service Project and give back in many ways.  There is nothing better than the opportunity to put a smile on a kid’s face and to let them know that they count.

  • 4.  Why is helping children important to you?

I was one of those children that benefited from programs that helped kids in my community.  I think I am a better person because of the opportunities that were afforded to me through such programs.  It’s like you want to try harder and do better when you know that others care about you and support your growth.



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