Glenn Duffy “Shape Their Future”

Glenn Duffy “Shape Their Future”

“After all, not to create only, or found only; But to bring perhaps, from afar what is already founded; To give it our own identity, average, limitless, free.” -Walt Whitman
As Assistant Director of Operations and Special Projects, Anna is highly motivated to get organized and work hard to serve this community. She is passionate about helping people in need and getting their communities involved. She is also passionate about conserving the environment and recycling.
Anna spent six years in the Air Force National Guard, working on F16s and A10s. She received her B.A. in Drama at the University of Arkansas in 2011, and has done contract work for Theatre Squared and the Walton Arts Center. Her experience with the Air Force and Theatre environment have given her confidence, strong communication skills, and a can-do attitude.
Anna is originally from Illinois, but she has spent the last ten years in Fayetteville. She and her husband, Flint, love this area and the people in it. Anna enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling, reading, running, going to the theatre, watching movies, rainy days, tuna noodle casserole, and trying new things. Go Cubs!


When I first approached this project, I was unsure what to do. After contacting the teachers of Glenn Duffy Elementary school, I learned that we would be working with about 50 Pre-K students, ages 4-5. I knew that Fiskars was going to donate scissors for this project and I wanted the craft project we did to incorporate this generous donation. After doing some research, I decided that the craft should not only be Fall-themed, but should focus on giving thanks. There were some great resources online for craft projects, one of which was a “Thankful Tree”. I took this idea, did some re-formatting, and used it in our project.


With the Fiskars’ scissors, the craft supplies that Wal-Mart donated, and the Thankful Tree template, our team headed over to Glenn Duffy Elementary in Gravette, AR. At first, I was a little nervous, but as soon as I went to the class I was to facilitate, and sat down with the children, I was completely at ease. The kids were great! They picked up the project and ran with it. The teachers were right there with the students, helping them as well. I think the most rewarding experience in this project was sitting down with the kids and helping them construct their Thankful Trees. Each child had something to be thankful for. In one class, an entire table was thankful for scissors!

It was such a joy to see the kids working with their projects, each with their own style and creativity. It’s important that children have these art supplies and resources incorporated in their day-to-day activities because art stimulates independent thinking and resourcefulness; not to mention the basic skills they learn, just using a pair of scissors and a colored pencil.


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