Have you thanked a school nurse lately?

Have you thanked a school nurse lately?

It can be hard to send our kids off into the great big world of school. As parents we worry about our kids. What if they get hurt? What if they get sick or feel sad and lonely? The ‘what if’s’ can be a really tough thing when we think of just how big the world can be. Knowing that when our kids go to school they have someone who can bandage their cuts and care for them until we can get there when they don’t feel well, can be a comfort. Here is why school nurses are champions.


  • Patience – working with a lot of kids every day can have its challenges. Especially when there are mini crises every day.
  • Sickness – How many people shy away from the thought of being in the room with sickness? School nurses do it all the time, caring for kids, knowing they could very well be the next one sick.
  • Blood – I’m not a huge fan. I can deal with it with my kids but I definitely could not handle dealing with playground injuries all the time. Nurses fearlessly clean up injuries, minor and major all the time.
  • Emergencies – Have you ever wondered what would happen if your kid fell and broke their arm? Or what would happen if they had an allergic reaction? The school nurse is there and trained to handle these emergencies, helping you feel safer while your child is away from you.
  • Comfort – When kids get hurt or sick they also get scared and sad. School nurses are there to comfort them when we cannot be there.

Every day school nurses work tirelessly to care for our children while they are away from us. This makes school nurses champions in our eyes.

Have you thanked a school nurse lately? Tell us how!

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