Meet Adelaide

Meet Adelaide

I know you have heard me say it before, but I work with an amazing team at CHAMPIONS for Kids. We have a great leader who is the founder of Champions for Kids.  She has a huge heart and inspires me every time she moves into action to change the life of children across the US and helps kids thrive.  It is so important that you know who Adelaide is, not just because I like her, but because she is changing the world and the way we think about the children in our community. I was so happy to ask Adelaide a couple of questions. I enjoy hearing the Champions for Kids story.  I am sure you will too.

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Adelaide Schaeffer

1.  What has been your favorite moment with Champions for Kids so far when you knew you were making a difference?

My favorite moments are when I read the incredible stories daily of ways that amazing people across America are doing Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Projects in their communities. Every night, around midnight, I spend time reading blogs and updates of amazing posts of the service people are providing to help children in their communities.  I am so amazed with how many wonderful people go the 10th mile to create a SIMPLE Service project in their community–and then engage their family, their neighbors, and their local schools and organizations to help provide support and resources for children where they live. I look at the photos and marvel at the really incredible ways people are getting involved. Champions for Kids was founded on the core conviction that people will help children. Not everyone can write a big check or open their home as a foster parent. But people will be a Champion for Kids if there is a simple way they can get involved. So through our programs, we connect people with SIMPLE ways they can get involved. The results are exceeding all of our dreams and expectations. My favorite moments are each evening reading the stories of amazing people who are a Champion for Kids.  I love these stories of the human spirit.  I often keep reading until early morning.

2.  What is your favorite SIMPLE Service Project and how/why did it resonate with you personally?

Every project is my favorite. Perhaps the most memorable is the Disney Holiday Stocking SIMPLE Service project. There is a school in Springdale Arkansas that partnered with churches and businesses in their community to provide over 600 children (each child in their school) with TWO stockings–one filled with fun things and the other filled with essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential items that kids need. When I visited the school on the day that the stockings were being stuffed, it was standing room only. Over 1,000 people were at work. It was a powerfully moving moment that I will always remember–a testament to the power of the human spirit. People will say “yes” and get involved. We help make these connections.

3.  What is your favorite part of your job? 

I love the stories that come our way. And honestly, I love the companies we work with. Every company we work with has an incredible passion for kids. It is a JOY to learn how each company engages their employees and their communities to help mobilize MILLIONS of people across America. Tyson Foods is a great example.  These companies go above and beyond to involve all of their employees in America to be a Champion for Kids by doing SIMPLE Service projects across America to help end hunger.  Colgate is another example of a company with a huge heart of service. But of course, we could list all of our partners. My favorite part is working with companies with a heart that is simply huge for kids. 

4.  Why is helping children important to you?

My husband and I have helped over 13 children during different phases of their life. As youth entered our home and we helped youth in need of support, we were silenced to really learn how each child really did not have even the essentials for life–toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, warm clothes, school supplies or nutritious food.  When we learned firsthand that the youth we helped represented a much larger need of children in America and the world, we became involved personally to do all that we can to ensure that children have the resources they need to thrive.  We will always be involved personally.  This is where our heart beats.

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In this picture stands a young man who inspired us to start Champion for Kids.  The young man in the black hat was once a boy who did not have parents to support him.  He came to our home for two years.  We had helped many children prior to his arrival, but the young man in the black cap—who was once a boy—was the reason we started Champions for Kids. On a winter day, two weeks before Christmas, we took a phone call to help a young boy who did not have a home for the holidays. The young man stayed with us for two years before graduating from high school.  He is the reason we started Champions for Kids. Anyone would have taken the phone call. People will be a Champion for Kids. So this is what our organization does—we provide ways for people to “take a phone call” to help children. The young man today is one of our front line volunteers who volunteers each year at our events.


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