Meet Christine

Meet Christine

When I first met Chris I knew I would like her. I am sure you will too. Get to know Chris! I am so happy to introduce her to you.



1.     What was has been your favorite moment with Champions for Kids so far when you knew you were making a difference.

One of my favorite times of the year is RazorFest season; when the Northwest Arkansas community gathers at the UofA with nearly 60,000 guests, all in honor of our kids. This past year was one of my favorite due to the expanded food drive. Guests of our free event brought nearly two tons of food to be donated to the NWA Food Bank that then distributed it to local families in need. It was exciting and fulfilling to be a part of something on such a large scale. When that many people gather in one place, it makes perfect sense to have them take part in something HUGE to help others.


2.     What is your favorite SIMPLE Service Project and how/why did it resonate with you personally?


My favorite SIMPLE Service project was the Disney Stocking stuffer project. Being a mom to a 1st grader really opened my eyes to the needs of kids right in my own child’s classroom. Sometimes we take so much for granted. To know personally that there were kids going without a simple gift at Christmas just seems wrong. This project allowed those with the means to donate needed items and a few extra gifts to kids who might go without. What a privilege to have hands -on activities that we can all do right here in our own community. The kids received a few needed items like mittens/caps and toiletries, and a few surprises as well.


3.     What is your favorite part of my job.



I feel so blessed to love what I do. My favorite part of my job is the design element. I love to turn content into something creative that reflects the Champions for Kids brand. The hope that my creativity is being used to indirectly help kids motivates me. Another favorite aspect is when I get to photograph events and capture the smiles of kids and families. I love our staff, the relationships we have built and the laughter we share at each and every turn.


4.     Why is helping children important to you?



Since I was in middle school I think I knew I wanted to work directly with kids or use my talents to help them indirectly. As a young person I loved working as a camp counselor and youth group leader. I felt like God used me to relate well to young people. And now, as a Mom, I see a different side. I see the need to help kids with physical needs as well as emotional. If we don’t help kids to feel loved they can easily grow up to be unhappy adults. We are all charged with the immense responsibility to “love one another” no matter their age.

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