Meet Drew

Meet Drew

I met Drew during my first visit to Arkansas. He makes me laugh. He is a pretty smart guy and you can follow him on twitter,  @Drew_Childers. I am so glad he is on the Champions for Kids team. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as you read the post below.  He is a Champion for sure.


1.  What was has been your favorite moment with Champions for Kids so far when you knew you were making a difference?

I absolutely love Champions for Kids RazorFest.  RazorFest is an annual event that we hold each Spring at the University of Arkansas, the day of the Arkansas Razorback spring football game.  It’s a truly unique event that caters 100% to the children and families in Northwest Arkansas.  Being a life time resident of Northwest Arkansas I love seeing the smile on the faces of the children in my community.  The fact that this event is totally free is truly remarkable.  It’s always a great day and something that everybody in our community looks forward to each and every year.  

2.  What is your favorite SIMPLE Service Project and how/why did it resonate with you personally?

My favorite SIMPLE Service project thus far has been the project we did in July, 2013 with Spinbrush.  Spinbrush wanted to target helping out children’s hospitals, shelters, and foster care facilities with items they need to provide kids who come into their facilities.  Toothbrushes are a very essential item that children in need often do not have.  However, Spinbrush recognized this is not the only item that children in these situations need.  As a result Spinbrush encouraged people to purchase all kinds of items (shoes, toothbrushes, clothes, educational games, etc…) and donate them to a facility in your community.  My daughter and I participated in this SIMPLE Service project by purchasing shoes, gathering them at our office, then taking them to a local children’s shelter.  I explained to my daughter what we were going to be doing and why this was important.  To this day she still talks about helping other kids in need.  In fact we can’t pass a pair of flip flops anymore without her saying “Dad, I think we need to get some more shoes for the kids.”  It was a great project and a great opportunity to get my kids involved with helping children in our community.

3.  What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is always working and thinking of ways to make our current programs better as well as identifying new programs that will help the greatest amount of children possible.  I am constantly brainstorming ways to make us better with a strategic focus on helping children.  I love creating a vision and then putting the wheels in motion to reach that vision.  I also very much love the development side of our business and being involved in our everyday development opportunities.  I love getting in front of our partners and potential partners and figuring out what makes their company unique and how that uniqueness could turn into them being a “Champion for Kids.”

4.  Why is helping children important to you?

Helping children is important to me because they are the future of our society.  Being a father I understand the importance of guiding children in the right direction and the importance of providing them with the resources they need to be thrive.  Children rely on us to guide them, provide for them, and look out for them.  It is our job to do everything in our power to help them and to create a path for them to be successful in life. 

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