Meet Ivy

Meet Ivy


1.  What was/has been your favorite moment with Champions for kids so far when you knew you were making a difference?

One of the realizations I had about the impact of CFK’s inspirational programing resulted from a story about the blogging community. I learned that when people participate in acts of giving and share their stories online via blogs and other social media outlets more and more people will jump on board (some we don’t even know about). It is brilliant to think that more kids than we can potentially imagine are being helped through Champions for Kids supporters like you. By inspiring people to provide support to kids in communities across America, I can’t help but know we are all making a difference.

2.  What is your favorite SIMPLE Service Project and how/why did it resonate with you personally?

One of my favorite SIMPLE Service Projects is Bag it Forward, which encourages people to donate school supplies to schools in their communities. When discussing necessities for children, people do not always consider markers, glue or construction paper to be “necessary,” but I disagree. Not only do creative craft activities help children learn, they help them develop innovative ways of thinking. The ability to think and express themselves creatively in a safe environment is essential for kids to eventually grow into well-rounded and confident adults.

3.  What is your favorite part of your job?

They best part of my job is when I have the chance to explain how Champions for Kids helps provide children with essential items that allow them to thrive. This sentiment doesn’t resonate with all folks the same way, but I love when I meet a person who truly understands and appreciates what we do. Many times these individuals either grew up in poverty or have a passion for kids. Either way, their recognition of how a new pair of shoes or meals during the summer can make a difference for kids is wonderful. I love sharing our story with people.

4.  Why is helping children important to you?

I believe in creating a better world for all, and helping a child not only makes the world a better place for her, it can change her life so she grows up to make the world better for others as well. The idea of a life filled with comfort, safety, peace and love is important for all individuals, especially kids. The cycle of loving and giving throughout life starts with young, impressionable minds and spirits who can grow up to change the world. There are dear people in my life who grew up in poverty, and those who live beautiful and healthy lives overcame their hardships because someone cared about them. Someone gave them time, support and trust. Through Champions for Kids, people are inspired to support kids in their communities, ultimately creating a new and improved world for all.


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