Summer Strong

Summer Strong


Guest post by Jacob Martin, a member of our Champions for Kids team.

Last summer, only 1 out of 6 children that received free and reduced lunch during the school year received similar meals during the summer. The summer months create some of the most vivid memories for growing children. It can be a time of unstructured play and learning—of new places and experiences. But for children experiencing poverty, summer break can leave them feeling broken.

A Full Summer

The sun slips in through the blinds
As I straggle out of striped sheets
My blanket, cast off sometime in the night,
Looks like it wants to sleep in a bit longer

Smiling, colorful cartoon faces on cardboard
Turn upside down as puffed corn clatters
Down to a clean, blue bowl,
But also a bit on the counter

Bowl, blanket, and me,
We all sit a few feet from a blank TV
Beneath a window worth watching, while
The world experiments with yellows and greens

I dress myself in preparation
For a day worth remembering
I open the door to an impossibly bright sky
And step across sweet, soft ground

Ready to lose myself
In the world I choose to make

A Summer Empty

My stomach pulls me out of bed
But knowing if I just wait
The feeling kind of goes away
I open the cabinets and close them again

In a shirt with yesterday’s holes
I sit inside and watch kids play
Because I know the names they have for me
And I don’t need reminders

It’s June, and I already miss
How Miss Osborne read us stories
That took me somewhere else
I open the cabinets and close them again

I sit on the couch in front of the screen
But they shut off the power this morning
Waiting for tomorrow as the heat rises
I open the cabinets and close them again

Feeling lost
In a world I didn’t choose

You have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of kids in your own area. Help keep kids Summer Strong.


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