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Fighting Hunger in Every Community

Fighting Hunger in Every Community


by Kristen Martin

When I arrived at the Pine Bluff Convention Center Tuesday morning, I found a long line of residents waiting for their chance to receive a bag full of chicken. The Delta Network Food Bank received a truckload of Tyson chicken as a result of the Hunger Heroes campaign last summer in Sam’s Clubs across the U.S. This food bank serves 9 counties in Arkansas. According to Feeding America’s recent interactive national report, more than 200,000 children (28%) in Arkansas are at risk of hunger and not getting the food they need to lead healthy, active lives.


Bustling volunteers and Tyson employees were in constant motion, sorting boxes and bags to distribute to area food banks and local residents. It was amazing to see the community come together and serve. After talking with Jacqueline Ross, Director of the Delta Network Food Bank, I discovered that they plan to hold another event at the end of the month.

hunger-heroes-02Their local Tyson plant donated the cold storage space for the rest of the chicken until the food bank would be able to distribute again. Cold storage is often an issue for smaller food banks and they are grateful to have such a wonderful relationship to rely on.


On Wednesday, March 2, another truckload of chicken was delivered to Tarrant Area Food Bank in Fort Worth, TX. This food bank serves 13 counties including 208,390 children. Their In-School Snack program provides healthy snacks to students who experience hunger during the school day, allowing them to focus in the classroom. According to Feeding America, proper nutrition is critical to a child’s development. Not having enough of the right kinds of food can have serious implications for a child’s physical and mental health, academic achievement, and future economic prosperity. Through TAFB’s Food for Kids programs, children receive healthy meals all year round.



While nearly half of American adults say that hunger in the “United States at large” is a serious problem, only 24% of respondents in a national survey believed it was a problem in their own communities. Yet food insecurity affects every community in America. For more information on how you can get involved call your local food pantry or visit

Hunger: The Ever-Present Challenge

Hunger: The Ever-Present Challenge

Hunger is an ever-present challenge for many families across America, and Champions for Kids, Kraft Foods, Tyson Foods and Sam’s Club have teamed up to fight food insecurity.

On May 20, 2015, Champions for Kids and Kraft Foods donated a truckload of CAPRI SUN to the St. Louis Area Foodbank as part of “Be A Hunger Hero” campaign.

The St. Louis Area Foodbank serves 26 counties in Missouri and Illinois, and distributes nearly 35 million pounds of food and personal care items annually. More than 392,000 people in the bi-state region rely on the Foodbank for assistance each year.


What about you? Is there a food bank in your area that you’d like to help? If so, see how you can take part in our Summer Strong program and win up to $10,000 for a school or youth-based nonprofit of your choice!  

Feeding Kids in Middle Tennessee

Feeding Kids in Middle Tennessee

Food Bank Receives Tyson Foods Donations as Part of Hunger Heroes Campaign

Each week, the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee serves more than 6,700 hungry children at more than 100 schools throughout Tennessee. That means, every year, they feed enough kids to fill the Tennessee Titans stadium more than five times. 

As a part of the 2014 Hunger Heroes campaign, Champions for Kids partnered with Tyson Foods to bring 30,000 pounds of chicken to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.
As a part of the 2014 Hunger Heroes campaign, Champions for Kids partnered with Tyson Foods to bring 30,000 pounds of chicken to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.


This feat (because it is truly a feat) takes a community effort, which is why the food bank works with more than 450 partner agencies in a service area covering 46 counties. Last year, their 19 truck fleet covered 533,374 miles rescuing and delivering food to those agencies. That’s enough miles to travel around the earth over 21.4 times.

As a part of the 2014 Hunger Heroes campaign, Champions for Kids partnered with Tyson Foods to bring 30,000 pounds of chicken to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

On February 24, 2015, staff members from Champions for Kids, Tyson Foods and Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee gathered together as a Tyson Foods truck pulled up to deliver pounds upon pounds of food to help fight hunger. Tyson Foods has donated over 100 million pounds of protein since 2000, and continues to serve as a champion against hunger in the USA.

Working with these organizations is truly a privilege, because it means coming together to acknowledge and stand against deeply harrowing, often crippling challenges like food insecurity.

Yes, Champions for Kids has the goal of helping 20 million kids by 2020, but our organization does not exist in a vacuum. Only through deliberate collaboration and a shared value of bettering communities can organizations, schools and individuals make a difference.

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