Tips to Get your Students to Wash Their Hands

Tips to Get your Students to Wash Their Hands

“Wash, wash, wash your hands, wash the germs away…” And your kids say, “what germs?” They can’t SEE the germs so it can be hard to convince them of how important it is to wash their hands front and back and in between those fingers. The best ways to get kids to clean their hands thoroughly is to find ways to make hand washing fun.
Help Kids Get Rid of Germs with these washing hand ideas

Suds up – Add some soap and rub those hands together, making as many bubbles as you can with the soap while you count to a pre-determined number. Then rinse those bubbles away.

Play a hand washing game – Wash the fronts, scrub the backs, and in between each finger. Make up a game while you wash those fingers – make up silly rhymes, sing silly songs, find some small toys like a rubber ducky. Kids can “wash” while they clean their hands, or find hand washing songs online to sing to and act out.


There’s an app for that – Check out your phone’s app store. There are fun hand washing apps that turn hand washing into a fun time with stories and games about hand washing.

While you have fun trying these things that make hand washing fun, you can take time to talk with your kids about germs, and how they are so itty bitty we can’t see them. We always had fun talking about where those germs were hiding. Were they hiding in that little wrinkle in my finger? Scrub, scrub, scrub. Wash it out. Were lurking in between my fingers? Wash, wash, wash him out. Oh no! He hid on the back of my hand. Scrubba dub dub! Good bye germs! Make hand washing fun and before long your kids will be making up their own silly songs and rhymes while they get rid of those germs.

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