Ways you can #PayitForward with your Wedding

Ways you can #PayitForward with your Wedding

It’s February!  Valentine’s Day is the time of year when love is in the air and so many couples are getting married or starting to plan weddings.  You can turn your day of wedding bliss into a beautiful time to inspire change in your own community. Here are 4 ways you can use your wedding to pay it forward and be Champions for Kids.

give back and pay it forward at your wedding

  • Make your venue count for change. Knowing your site fee is supporting a place of value will add to the character of your wedding day.
    • Hold your wedding reception at a nonprofit or a place that offers services to kids in the community.
  • Think of how unique and beautiful your reception would be to host your wedding at a park that provides a safe place for schools.
    • Hold it at a museum or historical site.
    • A botanical garden could provide a beautiful background for your wedding while providing children in your neighborhood a continued place to thrive.
  • Flowers used twice are even more nice:

    • After photos have been taken and the petals have been scattered, send the remaining bouquets to children battling illnesses in a hospital.
    • Imagine a bride stopping at a pediatric wing to give a cancer patient her bouquet.  That bride and groom would definitely be a champion for kids.   
  • Who needs favors when “Change” can be made?  Instead of spending change on favors, be the change you want to see in the world.

    • In place of favors give to the “Help Kids Thrive” fund or give to a favorite charity that serves children in your neighborhood. Put place cards on each setting stating that a donation was made in their honor.
  • Want to have a different kind of bachelorette or bachelor party? Be “that couple” who helps.
    • You can join an effort to paint an after school room that serves latch key kids.
    • Get together and create care packages for nurses and doctors who are champions for kids daily.
    • Bridesmaids will always rally for their brides.  Rally and get it done. Spend a day doing a Simple Service Project to give the children in your neighborhood something beautiful.

No matter where you hold your wedding there is always a way you can turn it into a world of good and be Champions for kids in a beautiful way. Make your “I do” a promise to the world and change your small corner for the better.

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