Wednesday with a heart – Kristin from MamaLuvsBooks

Wednesday with a heart – Kristin from MamaLuvsBooks

I met Kristin Wheeler at blogher this past year. She blogs at where she encourages others to Live Laugh, Learn… I sat there drinking coffee while the expo was swarming with bloggers and product displays. It was so great to have a moment of calm in that storm. I am so glad Kristin took the time out of her day to make that happen. I love meeting true Champions for Kids. Kristin is one of those! I hope you enjoy getting to know her too!

Kristin Wheeler

What makes you different from all of the other bloggers out there? I started as a book blogger, but now blog about much more! We love reading, education, travel, food, health, and charity!

Why are you a Champion for Kids? Because we absolutely love helping out community and those in need. If more people took time to help others the world would be a better place.

What is/was your favorite Simple Service Project? Oh boy! That’s a hard one! We loved the Post CFK because we collected 100 boxes of cereal to donate and that was a big task but very worthwhile. We also loved donating school supplies, and since I am a former teacher I know we made a difference in a few kids’ lives.

What is one cause that is important to you that involves children? That all kids get healthy meals! We are working on this in our school system as we speak for ALL kids in the community to eat healthier.

If you could change one thing in your community that effects children what would it be? I would change the fact that we need more people donating so others can just have their basic needs met. There are many people in my community that have the time and resources to help out, so making this more of a priority would be helpful to the entire community.

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