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Help kids thrive in your community!

Team sports are a fun way to build confidence, coordination, discipline, and teamwork. Game day is also a great time for communities to come together! What if you could also help kids in your community while enjoying game day with your family? Whether it’s a pickup game in the backyard, a recreation league game, or a neighborhood kickball tournament, why not harness the positive energy of sports to make a big impact for kids in need?  

It’s this SIMPLE!

1. GATHER your family, friends, and neighbors for a game day food drive. You could ask the other parents on your child’s team to bring extra snacks to donate after a game, or even organize a family field day in the park. Ask guests to bring nutritious snacks, such as Dole Fruit Bowls and Fruit Squish’ems, to donate as their “ticket!” 

2. LEARN about the organizations that fight hunger in your community. What items do they need the most? How can you share your time and resources to make a difference and teach your family about the importance of giving back? 

3. GIVE the items you collect to a local food pantry, food bank, after-school program, or community organization.

4. SHARE your project at How many people were involved, and how many items did you collect?  Please let us know that you are one of millions who are helping give kids the resources they need to thrive! 

Another way to get involved!

Take part in Champions for Kids’ SIMPLE Giving program this summer! Visit your participating Walmart store between August 4 - August 18 and look for the purple product display and donation bin. Choose back-to-school snacks and donate them right inside the store to help children in your local community!