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Change a bulb. Save energy. Help our kids.

Take the GE energy smart® Challenge!

Donate energy efficient lightbulbs to a food bank, school, or organization that helps families in your community to help them save money on energy bills and also help save the environment! Once you've made your donation, tell us about it here so that we can count you towards our goal of mobilizing 20 million people by 2020 to become Champions for Kids!

Check out the GE energy smart® Savings Calculator!

One way the GE energy smart® Challenge helps families in your community is by reducing their energy bills!  Click here to see how much money you'll save (and how many trees you'll conserve) by switching to GE energy smart® bulbs!

Download FREE Sustainability Lessons Plans for your classroom!

Teaching children about sustainability and energy conservation is critical to building a better future.  Click here to download free national standards-based lessons plans for your classroom!

Earn cash to help kids with Jingit!

Jingit is a free app that allows you to earn cash when you shop. Consider using some of your earnings to purchase items to donate to help kids in your community! For more information, check out Jingit's website.


Stories from across America

November 28th
Kristin taught her kids about the scientific method. All they needed was GE lighting, a project board and a little imagination! Read about it on Mama Luvs Books.  
November 28th
What happens when you have a household full of budding photographers? You create an experiment for them to help them find the best way to find lighting for their photos!  Check it out over at The Gunny Sack.  
November 28th
Overwhelmed by your lighting options? Kelly shares details about each type of bulb available from GE Lighting and plans a fun experiment! Click here to read more!  
November 28th
Stuck on your traditional incandescent bulbs? So was Glenda. At least until she discovered the thousands she could save with the switch to more energy efficient options!   Check it out over on Busy at Home.  
November 28th
Which bulbs work best and save the most? Terri’s family is on a mission to find out! Click here to read more!  
November 28th
Mallery’s working on a photography project and she needs to find the best light possible. That’s why she’ll be testing out GE lighting to find the best choices for her photos. See what she chose at Mallery’s Deals.  
November 28th
  Jennifer’s created a fun experiment for her kids to help them learn about energy. They’ll be powering GE light bulbs and tracking just how much it takes to power each type!  Click here for more information!  
November 28th
Randi made an awesome DIY lamp for her daughter’s bedroom. Now it’s time to find out which light bulb works best! Check it out on Dukes and Duchess!  
November 28th
Want your kids to learn about conserving energy? Julie gets them moving in a fun lesson plan that will show first hand just how much energy it takes to power a light bulb. Read about it at A Little Bit of Life!  
November 5th
Anitra’s family inspired the neighborhood with a gift of GE Lighting and encouragement to support the African Children’s Choir.