Help kids thrive in your community!

A classroom is no place for a rumbling tummy. When kids come to school hungry, it’s hard for them to focus on learning and being creative. A healthy breakfast is crucial for starting the day at your best, but for the 10% of U.S. children who live in food-insecure homes, breakfast isn’t a given.

What if you could help make sure kids in your community started the day with a nutritious breakfast? 

It’s this SIMPLE!

1. GATHER your family, friends, and neighbors for a community breakfast. Ask each guest to bring nutritious, nonperishable breakfast food items—such as Kellogg’s cereal and breakfast bars—to donate for children in your community. You could even make it a contest to see who brings the most items to donate! 

2. LEARN about hunger in your community. What programs are helping to feed kids and families, and what can you do to help? 

3. GIVE the items you collect to a local teacher, school nurse, social worker, or food pantry to help provide nutritious breakfast for kids in need. 

4. SHARE your project at between April 15 and May 15, 2014. Let us know how many people were involved and how many items you collected, and Kellogg’s will make a matching donation of up to 1000 breakfast items through Champions for Kids to help children in need! 

Another way to get involved!

Take part in Champions for Kids’ SIMPLE Giving program this spring! Visit your participating Walmart store between April 21 – May 5 and look for the purple product display and donation bin. Choose nutritious breakfast items and donate them right inside the store to help children in your local schools!