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Help kids thrive in your community!

Having the supplies you need to succeed in the classroom shouldn’t be a luxury, but for the millions of American children who live in poverty, that’s just what they are. In fact, public school teachers spent $1.6 billion out of pocket on supplies for their classrooms and students last year.

Will you lend a hand to make sure all children have the resources they need to thrive? 

It’s this SIMPLE!

1. GATHER your family, friends, and neighbors for a Lend a Hand Project! Ask guests to bring items kids need in the classroom: pencils, paper, crayons, folders, hand sanitizer, wipes, and tissues. You could even assemble kits for classrooms or individual students! 

2. LEARN about the needs of children in your community and ways you can help. How can you share your time or resources? 

3. GIVE the items you collect to a teacher, school, food bank, or children’s shelter. 

4. SHARE your project at How many people were involved, and how many items did you collect? Please let us know that you are ONE of Millions who helped us reach our goal of helping 20 million children by 2020! 

Another way to get involved!

Take part in Champions for Kids’ SIMPLE Giving program this summer! Visit your participating Walmart store between July 7 - August 1 and look for the purple product display and yellow donation bin. Choose school supplies and donate them right inside the store to help children in your local schools!