Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County

St. Charles, Missouri

Our Project:

Our After-school program/project ended with the school year being completed.  From mid August 2014 through mid May 2015, we served children on a daily basis.  We provided the necessary homework assistance to each child assuring them that they were prepared for class the next day.  Without our help many children would go to school without being prepared and unable to participate in the class, thus falling behind and making it hard to realize academic success. The children participate in board games that are fun and help increase the desire to increase their vocabulary as well as other education games and projects.   Daily each child was provided with a hot nutritious meal and snack before they went home for the evening.  May of our children go home to an empty refrigerator.  For many, their only meals are provided to them by their school and the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County.  Without proper nourishment, a child will not flourish.  It become hard for them to concentrate in school, They have a negative desire to succeed.  They sometimes resort to unfavorable behavior which may lead to an adverse effect on the future.   Improper nourishment for a growing child may lead to the onset of adult illness and obesity.  The Food Program at the Boys & Girls Club also continues through the summer months.  Hunger DOES NOT take a holiday.  The children also participated in physical activities that resulted in healthy exercise, thus stressing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  On Easter weekend, the children participated in an Easter egg hunt.  For many of our children this was a first, as some live in such impoverished households that even an Easter egg hunt is not considered.  It became necessary for us to build a new facility due to maintenance on the old Club became overwhelming and actually unhealthy and with security issues.  We relocated one year ago and have been able to provide more program and the membership has doubled.  We have a large debt on the new facility but it was no longer possible to remain in the old facility and closing the Club was NOT an option.  The Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County is a home away from home for many.   This Club is a must in the community.


1500 candy filled Easter eggs, additional prizes and lunch for 200 children.  150 Back to School book bags filled with the needed items to participate in the classroom.  Over 18,000 hot nutritious dinners and snacks provided to the Children during this time.

Kids Helped: