CityMusic Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio

Our Project:

Homelessness among youth is a "hidden" problem and should be addressed by the entire community. To highlight the plight of these children and create community awareness CityMusic Cleveland performed a concert series with Heather Headley, hosted a Homeless Children Super Conference to increase professional development with national and local speakers to highlight the issues and solutions associated with ending youth homelessness. Sponsored Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President of the Children's Defense Fund, to address the political and social service organizations. We are confident that our programs have spurred on a closer collaboration among organizations, political entities, foundations, and individuals.


Provided a lecture for the leadership of Cleveland - political, social services - by Marian Wright Edelman at the City Club of Cleveland. This was broadcast on radio and television throughtout USA.

Provided an one day conference for professionals with national and local speakers in collaboration with Project Act and Bellefaire organizations

Gave three concerts - one free concert or homeless children and families, two for general population providing extensive information of the massive problem Cleveland Ohio and surroundings are experiencing.See program that will be distributed to approx. 4000 audience members.

Kids Helped: