Roosevelt ISD

Lubbock, Texas

Our Project:

Our JH Student Council, National Junior Honor Society and Leadership Groups met to discuss the project. We polled all three of our campuses (Elementary, Junior High and High School) to see what necessities were needed on each. After we gathered our list, we decided to host a dance for JH students and also invite the incoming 5th graders to join us. Admission for the dance was to donate any of the needed items. Our main focus was school supplies (for August), socks, underwear and hygiene products.

We hosted a dance for over 300 students and collected donations at the doors. We received hundreds of items and started a "Supply Closet." This closet will be an ongoing project and other groups, clubs and organizations have decided to add the Supply Closet as one of their future projects. We will work to keep the closet full and running all year long.


18 bottles of glue; 5 glue sticks; 3 rulers; 17 zip loc boxes; 12 tubes of toothpaste; 9 toothbrushes; 9 packs of underwear; 34 pairs of socks; 16 packs of pencils/pens; 4 binders; 30 spirals/comp notebooks; 23 packs of paper; 44 folders; 3 packs index cards; 3 packs of dividers; 2 boxes Kleenex; 1 pack hairbands; 5 bottles of shampoo; 8 deodorants; 3 bottles of lotion; 1 can shave cream

Kids Helped: