Streams of Hope

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our Project:

My husband and I have a heart for kids. When we had outreach events, it was for the kids. We decided to help out at the Streams of Hope food pantry because we can not only help the kids but there families as well. After working at the food pantry a year, we decided to use our spare time to work on a vegetable garden through the Streams of Hope Community Garden. I was so excited that we had found another way to reach out to the kids in the community by providing healthy choices (vegetables) for them to get at the food pantry. I talked my friend, Kathy, into purchasing a lot and she intends to share the overage of vegetables from her garden to Streams of Hope as well. It is so nice to reach others in need it warms my very soul and I am so grateful that I am healthy enough to be able to do so.


The food items we will donate will depend on the fruits of our labor from our garden. Everything in access that my husband and I do not need will be donated to the food pantry. The items in our garden that we will be donating are:

green peppers
red peppers
yellow peppers
snow peas
summer squash

Kids Helped: