Hopedale: Summer Food Basket Drive

We recognized a need of some families within our district who rely on the federally subsidized school food program during the school year to provide 1 or 2 meals a day for their children. During summer vacation, the expense of providing these extra meals at home can be difficult and for some families something they simply cannot afford. 

We placed donation boxes at 8 locations around town and picked up donations daily. We put up posters, used local newspapers and radio, sent out flyers, and used email and Facebook to spread the word to students, families, staff, town workers, and people in our community and the surrounding towns. Throughout the drive, updated notices and emails went out letting people know what items were still needed to complete each family box. After the program, families were contacted to arrange a discrete pick-up time or delivery. 

As a community, we successfully met our goal and supported 31 families with large or multiple boxes of healthy, nutritious foods and a grocery gift card. Our kids learned to serve others and give of themselves joyfully. This project has helped fight hunger and keep kids’ bodies and minds strong.

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